Paraglider Check Service

JDC MK2 Parosimeter beim messen

Paraglider Check

Paragliding Service is an independent inspection facility that checks and maintains according to manufacturer specifications. During the biennial inspection, a comprehensive examination and documentation of all parameters contributing to the paraglider’s flight safety are conducted.


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Trim tuning

If you notice a decrease in the responsiveness of your paraglider after approximately 40 flight hours, with unexpected behaviors or possibly deviating in an unintended direction, Trim Tuning offers an effective solution. Through this procedure, the flight characteristics of your paraglider can be re-optimized, ensuring a reliable and safe flying experience for you to enjoy.


Nova NTT

By usage, paraglider lines may stretch or contract, affecting flight speed and control. With NOVA Trim Tuning (NTT), we optimize lines after 15-20 flight hours for a safe and agile flight. This extends the need for a recheck to three years from the purchase date, considering the manual’s flight time recommendations.

Gepackte Rettungsschirm bereit für einbau

Packing the rescue parachute

The prescribed packing intervals by manufacturers for rescue systems typically range from 1-3 times per year to ensure a prompt opening speed. It is advisable to repack the rescue parachute promptly after exposure to moisture, wetness, or strong heat sources. Following activation, especially after an emergency landing in trees or similar situations, a careful inspection of the rescue equipment is recommended.

Beschädigte Bremsleine


If you notice that one of your lines is damaged and you can replace it yourself, we will gladly send you a replacement. For all other repairs, we discuss the details individually and thoroughly in advance.